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eTrex Legend C

GPS unit: Garmin eTrex Legend C

  • Website: Produktseite official link
  • navigator (Navigation: )
  • CPU: (OS: ), Flash: (external: no)
  • GPS: 12 channels, ( waas;egnos, no )
  • Display: , Connectivity: usb
  • Internal: Batteries:
Addresses POIs
Mass Storage mode ? Waterproof


  • Colour display.
  • Supports maps.
  • Relatively decent map memory (24MB).
  • Very tough, "impossible" to break.
  • Good support in many Linux programs (i.e. Viking) to download data from the device.
  • Good battery life, +20h in normal mode (low power mode exists).
  • Can be used while USB-power is connected and can therefore be powered in a car or by a USB-battery pack.
  • Good/large track memory.


  • Difficult to send data to the device when using Linux.
  • No USB-disk support, only special Garmin USB-protocol.
  • No memory card.
  • The device have a tendency to get unstable after a couple of years. Sudden shut-downs, especially when using the buttons or in "shaky" environments, gets much too frequent.
    • Why?: The problem is because the batteries are connected to the main board by spring-loaded connectors and these get worn out.
    • Fix it!: The solution is to open the device and solder wires between the battery pack and the main board instead of the spring loaded connection. To open the device: 1. Remove the black rubber sides. 2. Cut a line along the middle of the sticky-goey clear tape around the whole device with a sharp knife. 3. Use a small, flat, screwdriver to pry the device open.

Outdated handheld GPS device. If you're thinking about buying a brand new GPS device, don't buy this one. If you're thinking of buying an old and used Legend C, be prepared for a bit of "hands-on" repairing.

specification despcription
Display Colour display (? pixels)
Display size ?
Interface USB
Slot No
Dimensions (W x H x D)  ?
Weight  ?
Battery 2 x AA / 30 hours
Ships with eTrex Legend C, Basemap, MapSource® Trip & Waypoint Manager CD, USB cable, Wrist strap, Owner's manual & Quick reference guide



  1. eTrex® Legend C - specifications