Garmin/eTrex Legend HCx

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Garmin eTrex Legend HCx

Garmin eTrex Legend HCx
Descrition outdoor navigator (yes)
GNSS 51 channels, MediaTek MT3318 (waas / egnos, no)
Memory Flash: none. External: microSD™ card.
Host system unknown (OS: Version 3.20[1] / 2009.12.03)
Display Color TFT (176 x 220 pixels / 256 colours)
Integrated USB cable, Wrist strap, Manuals and Software for Windows
Connectivity usb
Batteries 2xAA
Yes check.svg Addresses Yes check.svg POIs
Yes check.svg Mass Storage mode Yes check.svg Waterproof
Price $249.99
Website official link

General description

Garmin eTrex Legend is a handheld GPS device. It has colour display, supports loadable maps and runs on 2 AA batteries.

specification despcription
Display Color TFT (176 x 220 pixels / 256 colours)
Display size 3.3 x 4.3 cm / 1.3" x 1.7"
Interface USB 1.1
Slot microSD™ card
Dimensions (W x H x D) 5,6 x 10,7 x 3,0 cm
Weight 156g / 5.5 oz
Battery 2 x AA / 25 hours
microSD™ card

Directory structure

directory structure microSD™ / microSDHC card (FAT16/32)[3]
path file(s) description
/ YYYYMMDD.gpx Tracks


The latest Firmware (3.20, as of December 3, 2009) can be found on Updates & Downloads.


basic settings[4]
Menu despcription
Menu -> Setup -> Interface -> USB Mass Storage Use your Garmin as Mass Storage.
Menu -> Setup -> System Setup -> WAAS/EGNOS To get accurate results while mapping enable WAAS/EGNOS.
Menu -> Setup -> Units -> Position Format Set Position Format to `hddd.ddddd°` and Map Datum to `WGS 84`.
Menu -> Tracks -> Setup -> Data Card Setup If you're using a microSD card with your Garmin enable Log Track To Data Card.
Press/hold the rocker and turn on the unit Opens hidden page diagnostic mode.


Hidden feature: You can measure the temperature when you start the device in diagnostic mode: press and hold the little joystick and switch the Etrex on.