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Beside rendering the searching of the database is a important step towards routing. So this is about approaches to search OSM or to link it with the web

Search engine services

These options are available as services you can call

  • Nominatim is deployed on OpenStreetMap servers, and powers the search on the front page as well as offering an API.
  • MapQuest also run nominatim with OSM data as part of their open initiative
  • YaCy - a P2P open source search engine
  • OpenCage hosted by Opencage Data Ltd - searches across OpenStreetMap, geonames, geoplanet among other sources.
  • Photon hosted by
  • GeoCheck hosted by - searches across Nominatim OSM, Google, Photon OSM, BANO, IGN, Etalab BANO
  • Osmocoder hosted by, able to do batch geocoding, so far for area of Germany, and in German language.

Search engine software

These options can be deployed to your own server.