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This page will keep track of the progress of the work done on the Public Transport Assistant plugin (pt_assistant) by Giacomo Servadei, within the GSoC 2017.

Project Timeline

The Timeline is divided into the three periods according to the evaluations.

First period (May 30 - June 30)

May 30 - June 2

  • fixed bug with layer being added and removed many times #14859
  • added a fix for the "Route should start and end with a stop_position" error #14861
  • added a delay between automatic fixes #14865
  • when showing fixing variants, the plugin will zoom to the whole stretch between 2 stops #14866
  • it is now possible to open highlighted routes in the relation editor with a shortcut without selecting them again #14873

June 5 - June 9

  • added edge selection map mode. the plugin selects the whole stretch between two crossing. it also supports the future development of heuristics so that it can make decisions when coming at crossings based on the relation the mapper is working on #14904
  • started development of the test for checking if a route has been wrongly tagged as version 2 #14931
  • released a new version of the plugin with what has been done so far

June 12 - June 16

  • implementation and unit tests for the roundabout splitter #14933

June 19 - June 23

  • continued the work on the roundabout splitter #14933
  • partial sorting of messy routes #14957

June 26 - June 30