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mapFactor Navigator free
Screenshot of mapFactor Navigator free
Author: mapFactor s.r.o
Version: v1.5.22 (2015-03-12)
License: proprietary (free)
Platform: win;wm;android; Windows Phone

professional framework for OSM-based car navigation, supports navigation for bike and pedestrians

MapFactor Navigator Free has been published by mapFactor, a company that provides professional software for car and truck navigation.

This application is an intuitive door to door voice navigation solution for your PC, Laptop, CarPC, Netbook, Windows Mobile/CE device or Android device (at least Android 2.3 required) or Windows Phone with seamless OSM vector maps.

Download is available at -> News ... that leads you to or via GooglePlay for Android devices,

Special Features

  • realtime vector based map display in 2D or 3D
  • fast re-routing
  • tricky search for place names and street names
  • search for POIs in a place or at current location
  • map language selection: local (name=*) or English names (name:en)
  • customizable roads speeds
  • ...


  • ...

Feature Requests

  • at search for places and towns -> display postal codes
  • Version developed for iOS

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