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Available languages — MapOSMatic
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Screenshot of MapOSMatic
Source code:
Version: (unstable) (2012-04-19)
License: AGPLv3
Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS
Programming language: Python

Mapnik render and streetlist

MapOSMatic ( is a tool to generate city maps as printable PDFs. One of several tools for OSM on Paper. MapOSMatic includes index of the streets, indexed on a grid. It was started in September 2009.

The lead developers Thomas and Maxime Petazzoni gave a presentation: SotM 2010 session: MapOSMatic: City Maps for the Masses In a BLOG post ( it is announced that the service is back in full operation on a new server, after an extended outage in 2012.


Git repo and bug tracker at: