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Maplint contains a number of test. A definition of each test is in a XML file in a subdirectory of applications/utils/maplint/tests in the subversion repository. This definition contains the check code itself and a human readable description (which can be in several languages). The documentation with the current list of tests is auto-generated from these XML files.

All tests have a unique ID. Make sure to choose a descriptive and unique ID if you add any tests.

If you change any of the tests or add your own, call "make" in the maplint directory to regenerate the XSL stylesheet which runs the test and the HTML documentation.


All tests are in one of several groups. Currently there are the following test groups:

base Low-level tests concerning the data primitives themselves
main Higher level tests concerning tags
relations Tests concerning relations
strict Strict tests

Other groups could be added, for instance special tests only used in certain countries or so.


Please use the discussion page for discussing existing checks or proposing new ones.