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For forthcoming meets see the Mappa Mercia page

OpenStreetMap's 10th Anniversary

Mappa Mercia hosted an event in Birmingham between 12noon-2pm (Saturday 9th August 2014), at Six Eight Kafé on Temple Row (map). We had cake and there was of course be lots on offer from the Café. We were delighted to be joined by a few new faces.


As with recent years we spent summer on tour and winter in the centre of Birmingham:

Date Location Notes
3rd January 2015 Hanbury, Staffordshire Joint social with Nottingham group.
8th January 2015 Birmingham Normal meeting delayed by a week due to new years day.
5th February 2015 Birmingham
5th March 2015 Birmingham
2nd April 2015 Handsworth First meeting outside Birmingham. Sunsets at 19:43
7th May 2015 Bromsgrove
4th June 2015 Water Orton
4th July 2015 Telford Saturday mapping party
5th August 2015 Rugby, Warwickshire We switched to Wednesdays as this was a better day for most people
2nd September 2015 Tamworth
7th October 2015 Birmingham Sunset is at 18:31 so likely to be back in Birmingham.
4th November 2015 Birmingham
2nd December 2015 Birmingham

Summer 2014

  • April 3rd, Birmingham (last meeting in our Winter home)
  • May 1st, Stourbridge (High Street - The Edward Rutland)
    • May 31st, Tysoe Parish Council mapping event (Saturday)
  • June 5th, Redditch
  • July 3rd, Walsall (The Imperial - mapping till 8pm)
  • July 31st, Shenstone (The Railway Inn, Main Street)
  • August 28th, Coventry (The Aardvark, on the Butts)
  • October 2nd, A joint social with Beacon Roads Cycling Club at Rednall Social Club. Blackadder will be doing a talk on OSM and cycling related aspects of our mapping.

Summer 2012

  • May 3rd - Monthly Meeting - White Lion, Hampton in Arden.
  • June 7th - Monthly Meeting - The Litten Tree, Coventry.
  • June 23rd - Mini Mapping Party - National Arboretum Memorial, Alrewas.
  • July 5th - Monthly Meeting - The Bowling Green, Lichfield.
  • August 2nd - Monthly Meeting, The Green Man, Coleshill.

Undocumented Meetings

  • West Bromwich mapping party 4/5 April?
  • Regular pub meetings
  • West Birmingham Mapping Party to start the challenge of completing Birmingham before Christmas 2008.

Talk about OpenStreetMap

Andy Robinson will be giving his famous talk about OpenStreetMap at a Coventry Linux Users Group meeting.

The talk, on Tuesday 1st March 2011, begins at about 8pm, though people arrive from before 7pm for a drink and meal. However, there is no obligation to even have a drink.

The venue is The Castle pub, Little Park Street, Coventry (near the Council House, it used to be the 'varsity' pub). To get to the meeting room; once in pub, turn right, up a few steps, turn right again, ahead, then left and straight ahead.

The Coventry Linux Users Group website.

Summer 2011

Tamworth Mapping Party May 2011

  • The next micro map & social of the Midlands OSM User Group will be on Thursday, 5th May, 2011 in Tamworth. Mapping till around 8pm or a tad later (sunset is at 20:38BST) and then meet for food and drink at the Silk Kite, 59-60 Church Street, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79 7DF. Please come and map - add your name to the table below (leave a note in the table if its your first time and you need help with mapping).


Tamworth Cake No. Taken By Comments
1 miked29 Roads mostly good. Plenty of other data could be added.
2 Paul The Archivist MaryEliz did POIs mainly during Sept 10 event. some smaller roads still to name.
3 N/A Completed by brianboru Sept 10
4 Appears to have been traced. Many smaller roads need names.
5 N/A Roads look complete
6 N/A Roads look complete
7 N/A Miked29 completed with Ian Sept 10
8 N/A Looks complete
9 iain1940 Needs Mapping (roads traced (Iain))
10 iain1940 Needs Mapping - (roads traced (Iain))
11 iain1940 Needs Mapping- (roads traced (Iain))
12 Blackadder Some roads mapped. Many more to do. Some also on south side of A51
13 Most roads mapped but needs new survey to get more names
14 SK53 Mainly done S of Watling Street, although not all cul de sacs surveyed enough was seen to complete from Bing aerials. Area now complete with address interpolation ways. Dosthill Park LNR & Dosthill Hall need more detail. SK53 10:43, 6 May 2011 (BST)
15 Needs Mapping
16 Needs Mapping
17 Needs Mapping
18 Needs Mapping
19 Needs Mapping
20 Blackadder Roads present but need naming
21 Needs Mapping
22 Needs Mapping
23 Needs Mapping
24 Needs Mapping

Monthly Social Event July 2010

  • The next social Midlands OSM User Group gathering will be from on Thursday, July 1, 2010 (2010-07-01T19:00:00) in Bedworth to the north of Coventry. Mapping first till around 8:00pm and then in a local pub.


Bedworth Cake July 1st 2010 Taken By Comments
1 MaryEliz
2 Miked29
3 Miked29
4 sherbourne
5 sherbourne
7 brianboru
8 Blackadder

SatMap 12th June 2010

On Saturday 12 June in Atherstone and the surrounding villages.

Trains from Birmingham via Tamworth or Nuneaton, about two an hour.

We met at 10am at the cafe in the Co-op Superstore in Station Street, by the railway station. Lunch at the Red Lion Hotel on Long Street around 12:30 to 1pm. Hotel has free wi-fi.

Who went





Map(61) copy.png

Atherstone Cake June 12th 2010 Taken By Comments
1 This is Dordon
2 Blackadder Baddesley Ensor and Grendon Common. Mapped and edited
3 sherbourne
4 sherbourne
6 Blackadder Mapped and edited
7 MaryEliz POIs in town centre. Mapped and edited
8 Blackadder Mapped and edited
9 Blackadder Mapped and edited
10 sherbourne
12 Blackadder Mapped and edited
13 This is the south part of Polesworth or north part of Dordon

Monthly Social Event June 2010

  • The next social Midlands OSM User Group gathering will be from 7pm Thursday, June 3, 2010 (2010-06-03T19:00:00) at The Sir Henry Newbolt in Bilston (marked with a star on the cake below). If we meet at 7pm latest briefly to assign slices (or you can choose beforehand and just start mapping) and then meet again at 8:15pm (earlier if the weather is foul). Sir Henry Newbolt was a minor poet born in Bilston, famous for "Drake's Drum" - which seems to have been written in pirate-speak - and Vitaï Lampada a jingoist poem written in the First World War famous for its line "Play up! Play up! And play the game!" For more details see

Bilston cake.png

Bilston Cake June 3rd 2010 Taken By Comments
1 MaryEliz
5 sherbourne
6 Blackadder Completed
9 Miked29
10 miked29

May 22nd OpenStreetMap workshop

A workshop to develop understanding and practical collaboration between web developers and mappers. How to use OpenStreetMap and how to develop the map. A chance to explore current opportunities arising from open data initiatives: Ordnance Survey mapping and datasets from local and central government.

Programme Basics Better mapping. Using and adding photos. Adding a map to your website or blog

Advanced maps Creating custom map styles Hosting your own OSM installation

Beyond maps: Accessing the data Examples from OpenlyLocal and uk-postcodes

Mobile Maps OpenSatNav & augmented reality maps on mobile phones

Numbers up to 20 people at a time

Method a. short presentations, worked examples, how-to demonstrations b. build stuff

Tickets All gone!. (Book at [Mapitude])

Monthly Social Event May 2010

On General Election night we attempted to complete Lichfield which we almost achieved, despite the cold.

  • The previous social Midlands OSM User Group gathering was from 7pm Thursday, May 6, 2010 (2010-05-06T19:00:00) at The Bowling Green in Lichfield (marked with a star on the cake below). We chose Lichfield because there's not too much left and we could complete it in an evening and the local council is very advanced with publishing Open Data so it would be great to have it completed!


Sign up to your cake slice here

Lichfield Completion Cake May 6th 2010 Taken By Comments
1 sherbourne Edits completed
2 blackadder Edits completed
3 Brianboru blackadder did a little bit of this area too, likley to be overlap with Brianboru
4 Brianboru Only a couple of roads here
5 Brianboru Only a couple of roads here
6 Mary More roads to be mapped, will try and do before end of May
7 Xoff
8 Brianboru Only a couple of roads here

April Mapping Event 2010

The Cake

Kidderminster Cake.png

Slice Taken by

Gavin (aka strider792) Though on Saturday I'd like to go with someone to see how they map

13 Blackadder
14 Blackadder

Surveyed on day by Srbrook. Some roads still to do.

Monthly Social September 2009

  • The gathering was a social evening on September 3rd 2009 in West Bromwich which still has some blank spots. The venue was the Wheatsheaf [1]. Mapping from 7pm onwards and then we can meet in the pub from 8pm. Please note that food is only served till 8pm! So, if you want food be back early or order before you go out mapping.

This is the cake:


For more info contact Xoff

Monthly Social August 2009

The gathering was a social evening on August 6th 2009 and will be in Warwick which is in sore need of mapping attention Venue is the Roebuck Smith Street [2]. Mapping from 7pm onwards and then we can meet in the pub from 8pm. Food is served until 9pm and main courses range from £7-£10.

This was the cake:

Warwick Cake.png

For more info contact Brianboru

Monthly Social July 2009

The gathering was a social evening on July 2nd 2009 in Lichfield. Meet at 7pm at The Bowling Green pub, Friary Rd roundabout Map. We will do some mapping from 7 till 8pm+ before heading back to the pub. Its an Ember Inn with food served till 9pm.

This was the cake:

Lichfield Cake.png

For more info contact Blackadder

South Birmingham Mapping Party

Potlatch/JOSM Workshop

March 19th, 2008 - 19:30 for 20:00 start - RichardF and Blackadder holding a one hour, hands-on, editing tutorial using Potlatch and JOSM in Sutton Coldfield. Followed up with a pint at The Duke Inn. If you have a laptop, bring it along.

Contact Blackadder by email at blackadderajr at gmail dot com for details if you would like to come along, and add your name below.

Meet # 5

21st November 2007

Meet # 4

  • What: Halloween Social Evening.
  • When: Wednesday 31st October 2007. 7:00pm
  • Where: Briar Rose - JDWetherspoon's pub, Bennetts Hill, Birmingham city centre. lat="52.4798885" lon="-1.9000726". Map
  • Who was there:: Blackadder, Higgy, Richard

Meet # 3

A Low key meet on 7th Feb, 2007, at The Sutton Park, Boldmere Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B73 5UY. Lat/Lon 52.550,-1.841. Followed by food at The Kababish restaurant . Who was there, Blackadder & Richard

Meet # 2

  • When: With the OSM Christmas Meetup in Birmingham on Saturday 16th December 2006 - 1pm onwards.
  • Where: Suggested venue is the Prince of Wales pub, 84, Cambridge St, Birmingham, B1 2NP. Lat/Lon: 52.47975, -1.91305

Meet # 1

16 August 2006

  • 7:00 till 8:30 The Griffin Inn, Church End, Shustoke, Nr Coleshill, B46 2LB, map
  • 8:30 till closing time The Plough Inn, Shustoke, Nr Coleshill, B46 2LB, map
  • Attendees: 9
  • Comments: The first OSMMUG meet went off very well with 9 attending and some interesting discussion. The Griffin Inn turned out not to do food so we decamped to the Plough a mile down the road in Shustoke village. Discussions focused on the user interface (the online viewer and applet), Editing and tagging in JOSM, the suggestion to hold a weekend mapping party to do Rutland, also perhaps an alternative mapping event with a differnt twist to encourage different groups to get involved, builing homebrew gps units, map scanning and ....(what else?)

MUG 20060816-3.jpg MUG 20060816-1.jpg MUG 20060816-2.jpg