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The OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) is a registered not-for-profit company (company limited by guarantee) which supports the OpenStreetMap project (for further information see "About" page at The company is registered in the United Kingdom according to the law of England and Wales (Scotland and Northern Ireland have distinct company laws). Other dfficial information is available from the Foundation's website

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The Foundation was established to:

  • To be a custodian for the servers and services necessary to host the OpenStreetMap project. Specifically the foundation is the custodian of the servers located at UCL and the domain name.
  • To afford some degree of protection from copyright and liability suits.
  • To provide a vehicle for fundraising to support the project.

2016 AGM and election to board

The 2016 Annual General Meeting took place on Saturday, 10th December 2016. You can read official details of the AGM on the OSMF site with links to the meeting minutes and transcript.

Details of the election to the board

Ordinarily the AGM marks the close of the election, however this year voting is still open until Dec 14th. All voting takes place electronically.


Anyone can join the Foundation through the foundation website for £15. A members email-list is available to members to communicate with other members (anyone can read the discussion). Discounts for some OSMF organised events such as the annual State of the Map conference) are offered. Members can stand for election at the AGM each year and can vote for the board and other ballots. Attendance at the AGM is not required for voting. Since 2014 voting is via on-line voting service with email invitation for all members. Prior to 2014 voting was by paper ballot in person at the AGM, or email by proxy. Join

You do not have to be a member in order to use or contribute to OpenStreetMap.

Working Groups

Many of the activities of the foundation are carried out by working groups. The following working groups are currently active:-

Communication Working Group

  • Support and maintain the OSM Foundation website
  • Support and maintain communication tools between OSM Foundation members and board
  • Promote communication within the OSM community
  • Improve tools for supporting OSM membership subscriptions and renewals.

Data Working Group

Main article: Data working group Deals with issues relating to copyright infringement and disputes.

Licence Working Group

Licence and other legal topics.

Local Chapters Working Group

Main article: Foundation/Local Chapters To establish a framework for federated Local Chapters of the Foundation where local or special interest groups are able to set up a formal relationship with the Foundation. Federated groups will also be able to represent themselves to other official bodies such as the Government and media organisations [1] This group is currently looking for local OSM leaders.

Operations Working Group

Deals with issues related to the operation of servers and other related operational matters.

Under construction

Board minutes indicate the founding of a working group for membership services, as a transition from the earlier membership secretary model. Discussion and details Membership Services Working Group

Engineering Working Group (discontinued)

Supports the OSM development community and serves as a technical forum for the discussion and resolution of development-related issues. This working group was discontinued in 2015.



The board as elected at the 2015 AGM and kept unchanged at the 2016 AGM:-


Formal meetings normally held monthly and the Board Meeting Minutes are published on the foundation website.


  • To contact the board in normal circumstances please email the secretary using
  • The full board can be emailed using Note that this email alias is not limited to the aforementioned board members, but may also be copied to other parties (currently, Steve Coast and Michael Collinson).
  • The Officers (Kate, Paul and Frederik) can be emailed using


First Name Last Name 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Steve Coast Elected term extended Re-elected term extended term extended CE CE not elected    
Andy Robinson   Elected Re-elected Re-elected              
George James (aka Etienne Cherdlu) Elected Re-elected not elected              
Michael Collinson   Elected Re-elected Re-elected              
Mikel Maron   Elected Re-elected Re-elected term extended Re-elected       Elected term extended
Richard Fairhurst   Elected       Elected term extended        
Corey Burger   Elected                  
Nick Black   Elected not elected                
Henk Hoff     Elected Re-elected term extended term extended Re-elected term extended term extended    
Grant Slater     not elected                
Simone Cortesi     not elected Elected term extended            
Richard Weait     not elected                
Ulf Möller       Elected              
Peter Miller       not elected              
Hurricane Coast (nee McEwen)     not elected              
Emilie Laffray         Elected            
Iván Sánchez Ortega         Elected            
Oliver Kühn         Elected term extended term extended Re-elected term extended    
Lars Franke         not elected            
Thea Aldrich (nee Clay)       not elected            
Kate Chapman         not elected not elected not elected Elected term extended term extended Re-elected
Matt Amos           Elected term extended term extended      
Dermot McNally           Elected term extended Re-elected term extended    
Derick Rethans           not elected          
Niccolo Rigacci           not elected          
Eugene Usvitsky           not elected          
Serge Wroclawski           not elected          
Alex Barth             not elected        
Frederik Ramm             Elected term extended Re-elected term extended Re-elected
Simon Poole             Elected term extended      
Roland Olbricht               not elected      
Marek Strassenburg-Kleciak               not elected not elected    
Kai Krueger               not elected      
Gregory Marler               not elected      
Kathleen L. Danielson                 Elected    
Paul Norman                 Elected term extended term extended
Peter Barth                 not elected Elected term extended
Randy Meech                 not elected    
Ethan Nelson                 not elected    
Martijn van Exel                   Elected term extended
Ilya Zverev                   Elected term extended
Yantisa Akhadi                   not elected  
Wille Marcel                   not elected  
Gonzalo Perez                   not elected  
Ryan Peterson                   not elected  
Joseph Reeves                   not elected  
Douglas Ssebaggala                   not elected  
Guido Stein                   not elected  
Guillaume Rischard                     not elected
Darafei Praliaskouski                     not elected

Articles of association

The Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for the OpenStreetMap Foundation are available from the Foundation website.

The AoAs have been revised twice since 2007 1st revision of the OSMF Articles of Association 2nd revision of the OSMF Articles of Association.