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Osmium is a fast and flexible C++ and Javascript toolkit and framework for working with OSM data. It can, among other things, read and write OSM files in different formats, assemble way and multipolygon geometries and convert OSM data into shapefiles and other output formats. It can process OSM data with or without object history information.

Osmium gives C++ developers a large toolkit of OSM-related building blocks that they can assemble in exactly the way they need to efficiently work with OSM data. Some of these building blocks allow customization using Javascript, this allows end-users to configure the application a developer has built using Osmium.

Osmium is Open Source Software and available under the GNU LGPL or GPL version 3 or later. It was developed by Jochen Topf with the help of many others. It is used in production in several places and improved actively. It is available from https://github.com/joto/osmium.

Learn more about Osmium:

Questions should be directed at the dev mailing list. Bug reports can be filed on github.

The new Osmium

We are working on a new Osmium version. It uses many ideas and concepts from the old one but is incompatible. It is not ready for production yet. You find it at [1].

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