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Polish format is a format for vector maps. It is mostly used as the input format for cGPSmapper, a compiler of IMG maps for Garmin devices. As such, it is closely related to the IMG format. Files in polish format end in .mp. The format is documented in the cGPSmapper user manual.


Some routing information goes in the RouteParams-field of a polyline. It is of the form


  • speed and class are 3 bit values (0 to 7), the others are 1 bit (0 or 1)
  • oneway is set if the road is a oneway street, toll if it's a toll road
  • car, bus, taxi, foot, bike, truck are set if the corresponding vehicle is not allowed to use the road
  • emergency and delivery are unclear

Format Conversion

To .mp

See osm2mp for a converter to polish format. Besides cGPSmapper, mkgmap also reads .mp-files.

From .mp

There is a freeware MS Windows program called Ptxt2shp which will convert .mp files into Shapefiles (it runs fine on Linux using Wine). Once you have a Shapefile you can use OGR tools from the GDAL project to convert to a multitude of other vector formats.