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Available languages — RawEditor
English Nederlands
Screenshot of RawEditor
Website: http://rawedit.openstreetmap.fr
License: GPL
Platform: web

Webfrontend to edit OSM XML directly

Raw edit is an Openstreetmap HTML based editor hosted on the french openstreetmap server: http://rawedit.openstreetmap.fr/.

You use it by creating/updating XML, all done in a HTML form, here are the URLs:

It is written in Python, source code is here.

There is also a simple HTML interface to RawEdit: http://osmz.ru/rawedit/


  • In XML some characters have a special meaning. If you'd like to use them in your text, please enter them as XML entities, e.g.:
    • & as &
    • < as &lt;
    • > as &gt;
    • " as &quot;
  • http://rawedit.openstreetmap.fr/edit/changeset/create doesn't seem to work. It says that it is created but won't close the old changeset and use the new one instead
  • You may be able to upload the same data multiple times. Please be patient after requesting an update. Updating large datasets may take some time.

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