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A racing venue may be composed of more than one circuit, and it will be useful to identify these. Motor racing tracks seem to be generally tagged highway=raceway, leaving reference to the name=* tag to figure out which part you're looking at. For instance, the main track at Donington Park has two circuits


Anyone that needs to produce a map of a specific circuit (such as Image:Silverstone_Circuit2.png) need only look up the relation to establish which ways need to be rendered. Unlike relying on highway=* alone, this would also work on street circuits such as in Monte Carlo.


Key Value Discussion
type circuit
name a name


Way or Node Role Recurrence? Discussion
Way forward/backward one or more the multiple ways that form the circuit - like for members of relation type=route.
Way pit_lane optionally one a venue may have more than one access, or even more than one pit lane - this identifies the path used with the specific circuit
Node start optionally one the start used for this circuit