Salt Lake City, Utah

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Salt Lake City, Utah
latitude: 40.75, longitude: -111.883333
Browse map of Salt Lake City 40°45′00″ N, 111°53′00″ W
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Salt Lake City is a city in Utah at latitude 40°45′00″ North, longitude 111°53′00″ West.

Local User Group
Wasatch Wizards of the OpenStreetMap Flag of the United States.svg
When: Geobeers every 2nd Tuesday
Where: The Beerhive, Salt Lake City (map)
mailing list
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Local Group

Martijn van Exel founded a local User Group in September, 2011: The Wasatch Wizards of the OpenStreetMap. We get together every second Tuesday of the month for Geobeers, and once a month on Saturdays for Saturday Mapternoon. Check out the Meetup page for these and other upcoming events!

If you are actively mapping in the Salt Lake City area or if you live in the area and are interested in OpenStreetMap, go to the web site and join the User Group and you'll automatically be notified of new events.

Upcoming events will be announced here.


Local data import opportunities


Much of the existing data comes from the TIGER and GNIS imports. Both datasets suffer from being significantly out-of-alignment from reality. If you see an object that doesn't match up with where it should be, feel free to adjust it into line or redraw it in a more accurate location. The Yahoo imagery and GPS tracks tend to be accurate. TIGER data in the outer metropolitan areas is better aligned than that in the inner city.

Cleaning Up Area

I few notes on some large scale changes I have been doing:

  1. I have reclassified many of the Salt Lake City roads so they make sense. See: User:Kevina/Salt Lake City Highway Classification. Many areas can still use some work. Please help but first read: United States Road Classification Guidelines
  2. I ran a script to clean up the street names. See: User:Kevina/Salt Lake Grid Cleanup Script. There is still more work to do here.

What Can You Do?

Features for the blind

There is a blind OSM user in Salt Lake City, 84101, who would appreciate if anybody could add some information of special interest, see OSM for the blind for details. Thank you!