San Diego, California

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Information is also available for San Diego County.

San Diego, California
latitude: 32.73, longitude: -117.13
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San Diego is a City in California at latitude 32°43′48″ North, longitude 117°07′48″ West.

General Considerations

If you haven't seen them already, be aware of the specific recommendations for the U.S. and California.

Perhaps the one thing most needed is the cleanup of imported TIGER data. Common problems found with San Diego TIGER data include:

  • Roads mapped as intersecting where in fact one road passes above or below another
  • Roads mapped as intersecting where one road actually stops short of another
  • Divided roads mapped as a single road, with some cross streets shown as allowing cross traffic when in fact they do not
  • Entire roads mapped that don't exist in real life
  • Roads that change names along their length do so in the wrong place

Most other imported data (addresses, building outlines, bus stops) is from SanGIS.

Mapping Parties!

Mapping parties are community events targeted at getting a specific area mapped in a day or a weekend. You come along, are loaned a GPS unit and shown how to use it (it's easy!) and you go out mapping an area of your choosing. Then you come back and are shown how to get that data in to the map.

They are relaxed events and you're supposed to have fun. Often we grab a beer after the event.

Read more about Mapping parties in general.


No San Diego mapping parties are planned at this time.


November 22 & 23, 2008

  • 11:00am-4:00pm Sat 11/22 & 11:00am-3:00pm Sun 11/23
  • Java Jones
  • 631 9th Ave
  • (between G St & Market St)
  • San Diego, CA 92101
  • (619) 696-9664
  • drink / food afterward
  • For transit service info, click here
  • NO GPS REQUIRED - we'll lend you a GPS and show you how to use it, or we can use paper and other ways to capture data.