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Available languages
Screenshot of ShugenDoMap
Author: Sahin Vardar
Version: alpha (2011-11-19)
License: free
Platform: win

Realtime 3D OSM rendering on multiple platforms.


This is a WIP version of my real-time map renderer. Currently you see the PC port of it in HD and with "full scene anti aliasing". Maps are stored in an efficient off line data format and so the application does not need any internet connectivity to work. Map data is based on OpenStreetMap data. The application will be also available for smart phones. Look for the ShugenDoMap Android Version on youtube. It has the same features as this version include the "full scene anti aliasing". Other ports like for the Iphone, WebOs or Linux are in planning.

Proof of concept

Youtube Video of the PC version [1]

Youtube Video of the Android version [2]


The application is still in development and not ready for the public yet. As soon as it is more stable and ready for the public, i will release it and would be happy for test results on different devices. I would like the hear your opinions about it.

About the Author

Sahin Vardar