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State of the Map 20XX - Exampleton

Welcome to the bid proposal page to host State of the Map 20XX, in Exampleton, ExamplePlace. The Exampleton Team is collecting their information here.

SotM 20XX - Exampleton vision

State of the Map - Exampleton will celebrate the best aspects of OpenStreetMap, past, present and future.

Why Exampleton?

Exampleton is known as a wonderful venue for international conferences of cartographers.

Exampleton is wellknown for its yearly world championship of walkclapping, the famous local variant of classic handwalking races, but where running racers are also clapping their hands while jumping from one hand to the other. You'll see the finalists competing for the last round in the stadium of the city, on Saturday evening after at end of the 2nd day of the event, and demonstrations and experimentation of walkclapping (also handboards) will occur on the campus throughout the 3-days event.

A pre-event meeting for teens will invite them to join our efforts and values, for mapping the best and safest handwalking paths in the suburbs around Exampleton, as well as all stops for unicycled scholar trains in the city. We'll experiment a preselected path with them during a morning, providing them with GPS and hi-resolution digital cams, and we will work together during the afternoon to map it in OSM using various innovative open source tools and will discuss with them on how to optimize the process with less efforts. The resulting map will be 3D printed on t-shirts, that will be sold everyday during the conference. Disabled children will be able to participate to our handwalked course, by driving a drone (a 3D-printed flying unicycle, specially modified for our use) to take some aerial photos of the city.

Who is the SotM Exampleton Team?

The Exampleton bid team is composed of OpenStreetMap enthusiasts from Exampleton, Nearbyville, and other surrounding areas. Our team has experience in the surveying, rendering and database replication aspects of OpenStreetMap. You can contact us at

Our team members are

  • team member
  • team member
  • team member


We propose the second weekend of Month-uary, 20XX, as the recommended date for State of the Map. Our bid includes a quotation for the recommended venue on that weekend. We can consider alternate dates.


You may want to use our template for this section (create a copy via "File > Make a copy...). Beautiful Exampleton offers a selection of suitable venues from central to scenic. Our bid includes a firm quotation for our recommended suburban venue, on the recommended dates. We also enclose a budgetary quotation for Alternate Venue.

Catering services are available from a number of local companies and we have provided two cost estimates/quotes.


Exampleton is the World leader in unicycle-specific pathways and municipal unicycle rental. Unicycle pathways are also open to handwalkers. Footwalkers must give way to monocyclers and hand-walkers. Using smartphones while walking in streets is forbidden unless you're walking on hands and using speakers, not ear speakers. Wearing gloves is recommanded in all seasons and mandatory for handwalking and when using unicycles.

Gas pumps for refilling wheels of monocycles are allowed on board of planes but must be declared and transported with luggages, they're not allowed within cabins.

Standard bicycles are not allowed in the city, if you can't use local unicycles, we recommand using handwalking, or renting the services of a unicycled taxi to transport you.

Experimented travelers may transport their own unicycle but in order to use it in streets of Exampleton, they'll need to pay a tax to apply a stamp on their unicycle. You should better rent your unicycle only when arriving in the city, with a cheap 3-days pass: locally rented unicycles can be parked in every station of the city (and they won't cost you a arm!)


International travel requirements and advice.

You don't need an international data plan for your phones or PCs, our campus (but also the whole city) offers fast wifi hotspots everywhere at low cost (and no additional cost if you buy a local 3-day pass for renting your unicycle).

Visa details

Attendees visiting from OtherCountry will need a valid passport to return to their home nation.


airport details


rail travel details


surface public transit and private car details.

Attendee care

More information for attendees and their travelling companions.

No vaccination is necessary is necessary for entering the country for less of 3 days, but you may prepare your visit with a medication against the unicycle grease flu which could cause dark marks on the skin of your legs (or on the palm of your hands when you'll prefer travelling by handwalking): this temporary infection is benigne and will not exceed a few days, but it may cause unnecessary stress if you have to speak publicly during the event. Our local team will help you find the best local cures if ever you're concerned and there are special rooms well equipped with all the international connection to contact your family in case of problems.