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To start, what do we all think are the priorities and needs. My suggestion is to brainstorm, open ended without critique.

  • What needs budgeting / funding? (to inform the sections below)
    • Estimates for future expenditures on existing line items (e.g: hardware, events, legal/accountancy)
    • What should OSMF be doing that it currently isn't? How would it benefit the community?
    • For which of the above would OSMF funding be appropriate and the best use of resources?
    • Which can be better funded/resourced by the community itself, or local chapters?

Generic OSM(F) needs

  • Legal
    • Consultancy to maintain and translate license
    • Consultancy to fight breach of license
    • Corporate users FAQ for new license usage
    • Consultancy to verify license compliance with national laws
    • "Making" donated data compliant with OSM license
  • Data Privacy
    • Auditing role, which user data and geo-information can be captured
  • Operational
    • Establishing and working with service levels to encourage corporate usage (eventually a business idea to have OpenStreetMap Ltd that runs the same service with service levels and professional services like MySQL)
  • Stimulation of adoption
    • Developer awards
    • "Certified" programs to establish quality professional services around OSM
    • Hall of Fame for applications based on OSM, regions with excellent coverage, interesting derived maps
  • Sponsored Research & Development projects
    • Preventive recognition of false data manipulation
    • Quality assurance mechanisms to "certify" (important) roads and amenities
  • Professional services
    • Implementation of donated geodata
    • Quality assurance for OSM documentation
  • Communication
    • ??

Operational Fundraising Needs

  • A summary paper for funders
    • explaining the OpenStreetMap project
    • explaining what happens to donations
    • describing success stories like Haiti
    • statistics of the OpenStreetMap project per region
    • extrapolation of how OpenStreetMap might evolve per region
    • describing the place where funders are presented
    • "wishlist" for projects that OpenStreetMap would like to execute but are on hold due to lack of resources (with money requirements by projects)
  • Facilitating donations
    • Donation receipts
    • Easy accessable donation web page - seperated for individuals and for corporations
    • Different payment systems
    • Offering of separate projects for targeted donations
    • Easily accessable Hall of Fame for funders/donors
  • Incentive ideas for donations
    • Hall of Fame
    • Projects/Initiatives called after key funders

Financial Needs that Cannot Be Fixed by Volunteer Hours

  • Hardware
  • Travel
  • Government Fees