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Don't know it this is the place for this type of info, but just FYI:

If you want to exclude the GMap-file from your HTML, you'll also have to disable the following code in the main touchmap file, like this:

//						'GMap': 		{'copyright':'Data (C) by Google','provider':new this.TileUrlProviderGMap('','vt/')},
//						'GSat': 		{'copyright':'Data (C) by Google','provider':new this.TileUrlProviderGMap('','kh/v=43&')},
//						'GTopo': 		{'copyright':'Data (C) by Google','provider':new this.TileUrlProviderGMap('','vt/v=w2p.106&')},

(Is there a way to check for TileUrlProviderGMap before loading this part..?)