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  • Editing a Template causes all pages that use the Template to be re-rendered. If the Template is used often, this can put a lot of load on the servers since it fills up the job queue.


See Wikipedia:Meta:Template:LangSwitch for documentation.

The parameter |en= is mandatory for defining a default message in English (this message may be empty but the parameter must be present). If it is missing, the page will be listed in Category:Pages with missing en parameter in LangSwitch.


This template still does not work as intended because it attempts to use {{Int:Lang}}, which requires resources in "Mediawiki:Lang/*" loaded by the wiki administrator for all supported localisations of the MediaWiki software.

For example Mediawiki:Lang should contain en (the default language code of this wiki), and its subpages Mediawiki:Lang/en, Mediawiki:Lang/fr, etc. should contain en, fr, and so on for all supported language codes). In more recent versions, the special parser function int:Lang is treated internally by MediaWiki and no longer require preloading "Mediawiki:Lang/*" resources.

For this reason this template still does not display the user's preferred language as intended, but will only display the message defined in the language determined from the current page (by {{Langcode}}, using its namespace or a language code prefix in its title); when this language cannot be determined, it will return the English message defined by the mandatory en parameter will be used.

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