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This template will produce a grey box which fills the full width of the page, with a little show/hide link appearing in the top right.

Such a box is typically used as a navigation bar, with lots of links to let people navigate between a set of similar pages. To do this, the template would normally be used within another template, which is then placed on each of the pages. For example Template:Staedte im Ruhrgebiet (So far on this wiki it has mostly been used for German city pages.)


title (or TITEL) = The title to appear at the top of the box. Visible even when you "hide" the box.
content (or INHALT) = Content. Everything in the main portion of the box, which folds away when you "hide" the box.
image (or BILD) = Image to display in the bar

The old parameter names "TITEL", "INHALT" and "BILD" are in German. We have migrated these to be in English in all the templated inclusions.


{{Navigation bar|title=Title of bar|content=Here is the content, which would typically be where a set of navigation links appear}}

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