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{{OSM user}} or {{OsmUser}} inserts a link to a user's page on OpenStreetMap.org (i.e. //www.openstreetmap.org/user/username).

Just specify the same name you enter to login on OSM for your edits, without encoding it (use plain spaces, and non-Latin letters directly).


  • you can specify a second parameter for an alternate name to display.
  • you can specify m=1 or f=1 to render a male or female icon, instead of the default neutral icon (no gender assumption is made by this template, because OSM users don't necessarily have a matching account name on this wiki, where users can register their preference).


You type You get
{{OSM user|DaveHansenTiger}} System-users-3.svgDaveHansenTiger (on osm)
{{OSM user|DaveHansenTiger|m = 1 }} User icon 2.svgDaveHansenTiger (on osm)
{{OSM user|Harry Wood}} System-users-3.svgHarry Wood (on osm)
{{OSM user|Harry Wood|m = 1 }} User icon 2.svgHarry Wood (on osm)
{{OSM user|phobie}} System-users-3.svgphobie (on osm)
{{OSM user|phobie|f = 1 }} User icon 3.svgphobie (on osm)
{{OSM user|DaveHansenTiger|TIGER import account}} System-users-3.svgDaveHansenTiger (TIGER import account on osm)

See also

  • {{User}} - inserts links to an OpenStreetMap.org user's profile, traces, edits, and OSM wiki page