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If the transcluded content of this template is non-empty it will be shown in a row on the platform status box of the main page.

Example with no message

Keep an prefilled template (like below) with empty messages within a "noinclude" section

<noinclude>{{#switch: {{Langcode}}
|#default = <bdi dir="ltr" lang="en"><!-- new message in English--></bdi>

Make sure that there's nothing transcluded (all within a "noinclude" section), not even empty tags.

Note there's no archive of past announces, except in the history of this template.

Example with a message

Ideally it should be translatable like this, when there's a message to display:

{{#switch: {{Langcode}}
| fr = [[2016 May server maintenance|9–10 mai : maintenance planifée du serveur]]
| #default = <bdi lang="en" dir="ltr">[[2016 May server maintenance|9–10 May planned server maintenance]]</bdi>

Note that the default English message is surrounded by a "bdi" tag explicitly specifying the language code and diorection, so that it can be properly displayed as a fallback message on a non-English page (notably Arabic or Hebrew), as long as it is not translated (like in the example above for French).

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