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Hello, I live in the UK, in the city of Gloucester. I've been collaborating on specific mapping projects with other users such as Paul and Richard.

I'm interested in historical sites and features, waterways, railways, hills, footpaths and so on. However I'm happy to do my fair share of estate mapping and have been working on completing Gloucester's suburbs - mainly Matson, Brockworth, Hucclecote, Tuffley, Quedgeley and Hardwicke. After a few months of sporadic effort all of the city suburbs are nearly finished.

We also like to keep on top of new estates and as such make regular visits to Kingsway and Coopers Edge and will be visiting Hunts Grove as soon as development has begun and we are able to get in.

I and my partner, Sarah, also visit more far flung places which are connected with our various hobbies and interests and we try to make sure that we get as much data as we can during such visits. I am determined to make OSM as complete in the Gloucestershire villages as it is in the major cities of the world.

I am extremely interested in the civic aspects of OSM: detailed boundaries of parishes and wards will help civic groups like MySociety develop increasingly smart services and open a realm of possibilities for other such groups.

I am also interested in commercially using OSM data to help me dedicate more time to the project. I used to view OSM as a hobby but I enjoy the project so much that I am interested in going "full-time".

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