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I started contributing to OSM in November 2007. Crawley has been my main focus of attention, but have contributed to Horsham, Cumbria, Valais (Switzerland), Tokyo, coastline of Japan, and several other areas.

These days i'm contributing in an on-and-off fashion, mainly from Bing and OS of areas I'm familiar with but don't get to visit often. When I do get out recording tracks, I use an HTC Desire HD though the battery life isn't good.

I currently use OSMtracker_(Android) although I've been having a lot of problems with larger files. I use GPS Status to get a faster GPS lock. No idea why this works, but by default Android doesn't seem to actually download the A-GPS data.

Before that, I used an iPAQ h2210 with Compact Flash Safecom GPS Ultra (rebadged Holux unit it seems). At the time, Noni GPS Plot seemed to be the best software for this set up.

I use both both Potlatch and JOSM for editing. I prefer the power of JOSM but Potlatch is much less hassle to work with, with no updates to download, plugins to fix, etc.

-- Daveemtb