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Member of OpenStreetMap Austria

Hi, I'm Manu. I'm a cartographer working for the Research Group Cartography at Vienna University of Technology. I'm an organiser of the upcoming 1st European State of the Map conference, July 15-17 in Vienna, Austria.

At work I'm involved in two projects dealing with OpenStreetMap-Data:

  • FEMroute tries to identify gender-specific route choice criteria for pedestrians and maps them in OpenStreetMap.
  • ways2navigate compares the technologies digital map, language and augmented reality (AR) in their suitability to support pedestrian navigation.

If you have any questions concerning these projects, please feel free to write me an email to! I'm on Twitter, too.

Otherwise my focus lies on design in web mapping. I'm not a big programmer, but I love to work with programmers and contribute my knowledge about interface design and usability in cartography, e.g. I helped Skunk in his project OpenStreetBrowser. In the future I would also like to focus on thematic map design using OSM data.

See you at the SotM-Europe :-)