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Comments on instructions from Pete (user:pedrito1414)

  • Construction type: do we just tag as whatever it says on the survey. E.g I'm not sure what face brick is, so I just type it? TH: This section has been updated to read "There is often more detail on the survey paper than necessary - 'field brick', 'concrete brick' etc should be entered simply as 'brick'."
  • Two surveys I have done have no 'area' data (this is addr:hamlet, right?). I guess I have to leave this blank? TH: This is now updated, in the 'Tagging in Epworth section' the phrase "You may not have to use all of them [the tags]" is in bold type
  • Does the house name / no. apply to a particular building or a group of building? Should I put the point over the code on the field paper or assign it to the nearest building from the OSM data? TH: The section 'Add the tags to JOSM' is now updated to have a list of suggested node location techniques for plots with 0, 1 or >1 buildings
  • What is the best way of feeding back when the survey is incomplete? For example, H4 - the survey stops at B10, but the field paper continues into the B20s... TH: Just before the 'Upload and record progress' section I've put a note "If you have more survey paper records than are recorded on the field paper, or vice versa, please mention this when recording what you've accomplished (the section coming up)" and then in the record progress part "If you've got extra plots on your field papers than your surveys or vice versa, mention this in the comment on the Tile completion record on the square relevant for your tile."

Comments on instructions from Sarah

  • in the "Start Mapping" section, a section reads as follows: "This means that the neighbourhood information has been s This isn’t a massive deal" TH: This has been updated to "This means that the neighbourhood information has been shifted into the area column. This isn't a massive deal"
  • you specify the format of a number of the fields, and it might be nice to note that ward number should be entered specifically as a digit? (e.g. "2" rather than "Two"). TH: In the "Tagging in Epworth \ Wards" section, there is now a sentence "The tag for wards is addr:ward and the value is the ward number written as a number - e.g. '2' rather than 'Two' - this goes for all numbers in the surveys."

Suggestion from Pete (user:pedrito1414): Epworth residential preset

Loading the preset into JOSM

Download xml file: Epworth residential building preset

  • In JOSM, go to Presets / Preset preferences (you need to have an OSM data layer loaded to do this).
  • On the right hand side, click the + sign.
  • Give the preset a name (something like 'Epworth residential building')
  • Upload the xml file
  • Click ok and then ok again on the preset menu. JOSM will ask you to restart to let changes take effect. Do this.

Applying a preset

  • Create a node for your building as normal.
  • Go to Presets.
  • Choose your new preset from the bottom of the list.
  • Fill in the relevant fields (building=residential and source=survey are automatically included, so won't display)
  • Click Apply preset
  • Voila, your building is correctly tagged!

A Comment from Rupert -Construction Types

'Face Bricks' refer to properly manufactured 'dressed' and baked/burnt bricks, so in terms of house status, this house would be indicated to be well-built and planned. As a rule, it is good to have a construction material per area, but not per house, as this may cause intrusive conclusions to be drawn about the individual building. NB 'Field Brick' will refer to a much more unstable brick, virtually made from earth. Do not include this or 'Sand Brick' in the dataset. Whether it could be gathered as a private layer is moot at present.

TH: Yes I agree - we talked about this the other day. I've asked people only to use common tags for building material, as on the Key:building:material page. I've also said that they just have to write brick as the tag in section 4.8: Building Material: "There is often more detail on the survey paper than necessary - 'field brick', 'concrete brick' etc should be entered simply as 'brick'."