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Screenshot of Vespucci
Author: Many
Version: 0.9.5 (2014-09-01)
License: Apache license 2.0 (free)
Platform: android

OSM editor

Vespucci is the first OpenStreetMap-Editor for Android and has been available and developed since 2009.

What is Vespucci?

NOTE: Always refer to Vespucci's project wiki for up-to-date information.

  • A full editor for OpenStreetMap that works both on small (phones) and large (tablet) screen android devices.
  • Functionality:
    • Create/edit Nodes, Ways, Tags, and Relations, with all the usual geometry related operations.
    • Quick tagging with a JOSM Preset based preset system
    • Download/upload to the OSM Server
    • Highlight unnamed highways, and ways/nodes with TODOs or FIXMEs
    • Add, close, and comment on Notes
    • Background and overlay tile layers
    • Record, display and export an accurate GPS-Track
    • Manual imagery offsets and support for the imagery offset DB.