AT5-OpenSeaMap-Chart for Lowrance Simrad B&G

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Available languages — AT5-OpenSeaMap-Chart for Lowrance Simrad B&G
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Lowrance Electronics logo.svg
Simrad Yachting logo.svg
B&G logo.svg

Here you can download OpenSeaMap-charts in AT5-format.
AT5-charts work with seachart-plotters from Lowrance, Simrad and B&G.

Nautical charts

This list will be constantly expanding.

Nautical area a10 a12 a13 ZIP Unzipped Remarks
Adria [1] [2] [3] 260 MB
British Chanal [4] [5] [6] 610 MB
North Sea [7] [8] [9] 650 MB
Baltic Sea East [10] [11] [12] ~200 MB ~330 MB 27 files
Baltic Sea West [13] [14] [15] 210 MB

Country Charts

These maps each comprise one country, its coastal area and inland waters.

ÖsterreichTschechienDeutschlandDänemarkDänemarkFinnlandFrankreichFrankreichVereinigtes KönigreichVereinigtes KönigreichUngarnIrlandItalienItalienItalienLuxemburgNiederlandeSchwedenKroatienNorwegenNorwegenIsle of ManGuernseyJerseyAndorraMonacoSchweizLiechtensteinVatikanstadtEurope, administrative divisions - de - colored.svg
About this image


Country a10 a12 ZIP Unzipped Remarks
Alps [16] 637 MB 1140 MB CH, AT und Teil von DE, FR, IT
Belgium [17] 195 MB
Lake Constance [18] 10 MB 17 MB Teil von AT, CH, DE
Germany [19] [20] 850 MB 1540 MB
Denmark [21] [22] 45 MB
France [23] 1570 MB
Finland [24] 90 MB
United Kingdom [25] 300 MB
Croatia [26] 38 MB 83 MB
Luxembourg [27] 30 MB
Netherlands [28] 465 MB 863 MB
Norway [29] [30] 140 MB
Austria [31] 115 MB
Poland [32] 155 MB
Portugal [33] 50 MB
Sweden [34] 115 MB
Czech Republic [35] 170 MB
Slovakia ? ?


Nautical area a10 a12 a13 ZIP Unzipped Remarks
New Zealand

Installing the files

OpenSeaMap auf Lowrance HDS-7

The download is in form of a ZIP file. Unpack it on an SD card.
You will find around a dozen AT5 files, that you will need all.

Be aware: Some devices expect the files in the root directory (uppermost).
With other devices, files can also lie in a subdirectory.
See "List of devices".

The unzipped data are around [missing] times as big as the ZIP file.

With each update, the file will get a bit bigger because of new data.
A10 and a12 are around the same size (or have a different date).

Device settings

The right map type has to be chosen in the map menu.
"Lowrance" is the right setting.

For different devices, the selection menu lies in different subdirectories. See manual of the respective plotter.

List of devices

Everything we know about the peculiarities of the devices can be found in this list.

  • If a type of device is missing, we don't have information about it yet.
  • If a cell is empty, we don't have this information yet.
  • If you found something out: Write us, and we will amend it!
  • ... or even better: Fill it in here yourself.

Meaning of the columns:

SD size: Maximum size of the SD card in GB
Root: Yes: Files have to lie in the root directory.
No: Files may lie in a subdirectory.
Name The file name can only have a maximum of 8 or 16 characters before the file extension.


Device type SD size Root Name Format Remarks
LMS-332 Yes
Elite Chirp 32 GB No successfully tested with firmware versions 4.0 - 5.1.11
Mark-4 HDI 8 GB No 8 chars max S12 Thus far unable to load > 1 map simultaneously
Elite 5 HDI No A10 1 GB SD used


Device type SD size Root Name Remarks
NSS12 yes Very unstable, device crashes frequently.


Device type SD size Root Name Remarks


The data stem from OpenSeaMap and OpenStreetMap.
Map creation via