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Andhra Pradesh (IPA: [ˌɑːndrə prəˈdɛʃ]; Telugu: ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్, Āndhra Pradēś, [ˈaːndʱrʌ prʌˈdeːɕ] [?], translation: Province of Andhras), abbreviated A.P., is a state situated on the south-eastern coast of India. It is India's fourth largest state by area and fifth largest by population. Its capital and largest city is Hyderabad.


Code District Headquarters Population (2011) Area (km²) Relation
AN Anantapur Anantapur 4,083,315 19,130 2022303 (x i j p h a m r)
CH Chittoor Chittoor 4,170,468 15,152 2022304 (x i j p h a m r)
EG East Godavari Kakinada 5,151,549 10,807 2022126 (x i j p h a m r)
GU Guntur Guntur 4,889,230 11,391 2022220 (x i j p h a m r)
CU Kadapa Kadapa 2,884,524 15,359 2022290 (x i j p h a m r)
KR Krishna Machilipatnam 4,529,009 8,727 2022135 (x i j p h a m r)
KU Kurnool Kurnool 4,046,601 17,658 2022277 (x i j p h a m r)
PR Prakasam Ongole 3,392,764 17,626 2022278 (x i j p h a m r)
NE Nellore Nellore 2,966,082 13,076 2022291 (x i j p h a m r)
SR Srikakulam Srikakulam 2,699,471 5,837 2022096 (x i j p h a m r)
VS Vishakhapatnam Vishakhapatnam 4,288,113 11,161 2022111 (x i j p h a m r)
VZ Vizianagaram Vizianagaram 2,342,868 6,539 2022097 (x i j p h a m r)
WG West Godavari Eluru 3,934,782 7,742 2022127 (x i j p h a m r)