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ArcGIS ( is a proprietary GIS software platform from ESRI. It is the canonical software for manipulation of ESRI Shapefiles. Note: Through the ArcGIS for Home Use Program, users can purchase a non-commercial license for ArcGIS that includes many extensions for US$100/yr.

ArcGIS Editor for OSM

ArcGIS Editor for OSM provides the ability to import, export and edit OSM data via a free add-in for ArcMap.

ArcGIS for iPhone
Screenshot of ArcGIS for iPhone
Author: ESRI
Version: 10.1.2 (2013-08-06)
License: free
Platform: iPhone

Shows just different maps

ArcGIS Haiti Earthquake Response

Accessing OpenStreetMap data within ArcGIS to support the Haiti Earthquake Response is article details various options for bringing in OpenStreetMap (developed in relation to Haiti mapping, but applies worldwide)

ArcGIS online

ArcGIS Online includes ArcGIS Explorer (requires Silverlight), a free online browser for ArcGIS datasets. OpenStreetMap is an available basemap through this interface.

ArcGIS OSM importer

ArcGIS can import bz2 compressed .osm files to a file geodatabase using a python script called "OSM Loader" (Version 2.0 by Dominic Stubbins) that doesn't use an XML parser! The script can be downloaded from


ArcBruTile ([1]) adds support for TMS/WMS-C servers to ArcGIS


OSM2NetworkDataset allows to import OSM network data to ArcGIS Network Analyst. Some tutorials: [2] ger