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Automated edits (also Mechanical edits) are all changes to the OpenStreetMap database where the individual change to an object is not performed by a human being, often performed by bot or by a computer program or script. The term 'Automated edit' is however also applied to edits made using editors such as JOSM or Potlatch without looking at each individual case.

All automated edits should conform to the Automated Edits code of conduct. Edits that and inappropriate use of bots is considered by the community to be a type of vandalism. Change rollback is not always easy, especially if further manual edits to some features that have been changed have already been made.


Current bots include:

Name Bot username Author Active Language Description
Is in-bot Is in-bot user:flohoff No Englist Adds 'is_in tags to places in Germany
Xybot User:Frederik Ramm English
MS BOT User:Marcussacapuces91 French
General Dreedle User:Richard English
BugBuster User:Bürste English
TMCImporter User:MarcusWolschon English TMC imports in Germany
User:EtienneChove User:EtienneChove French France
osmsync:ccs User:brycenesbitt English A merge-sort bot that updates car sharing locations
Simple bot MichaelSchoenitzer English

There is a log page which you can use to document automated edits that you have performed.

Wish list

Please talk about automated edits you would like to see done on Talk:Automated edits.

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