Cleveland, Ohio

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Cleveland, Ohio
latitude: 41.4834, longitude: -81.675
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Cleveland is a city in Ohio at latitude 41° 29′ 0″ North, longitude 81° 40′ 30″ West.

Nearly complete

  • All Cleveland Public schools within the City of Cleveland (done during national day of civic hacking in April 2014).
  • Cleveland/RTA's bus routes (current as of April 2014).
  • Much of Northeast Ohio's parks have been mapped, particularly on the east side of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.
  • Most Cleveland Metroparks amenities (parks, nature reserves) by Cleveland Metroparks employees.

What really needs to be mapped!

So much still left to map !

  • Some of the suburbs, especially on the west side of Cleveland have had minimal improvement since the TIGER import. Suburban roads created since 2005 may not be on the map!
  • Amenities like Churches, schools, Parks, cemeteries, and Post offices were added during the GNIS Import. Most of them are represented as nodes instead of ways and are often incorrectly placed on the map a few hundred feet from their actual locations. Some of these have since closed or changed names.
  • The CSU college campus is very sparsely mapped.

Innerbelt / Outdated Imagery / GPS traces

Significant construction to the I-90 bridge that runs through the southern end of downtown Cleveland, known locally as the Innerbelt, is being reconstructed from 2011-2016. As a result, GPS traces and aerial imagery do not match what is currently on the ground and mapped. Its status in OSM is kept current with what's on the ground.

There is also extensive construction in parts of Cleveland - Flats East Bank project, Cleveland State Campus, the Mall renovation) especially in Downtown Cleveland and the University Circle neighborhood so even the new bing imagery may not match what is really there and mapped.


It's recommended to use Bing or the MapBox/Digital Globe imagery.

the aerial imagery from Bing and MapBox/Digital Globe imagery in the city of Cleveland is of good quality and is from August 2014.

There is a minimal offset (less than 3meters).

You don't need to align any imagery.

The mapquest and NAIP imagery is from 2008 and its resolutions is lower than bing's.

Active Mappers in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

A few active mappers based in the Cleveland or Northeast Ohio if you have questions.

[skorasaurus] mostly the city of Cleveland itself.

[wlgann] Eastern suburbs of Cleveland

[tenofobix] Highland Heights

[unigami] Far east suburbs of Cleveland; parks and nature reserves

OSM in the Community

There's the Open Geo Cleveland Group !

Open Geo Cleveland focuses on all things mappy and GIS in the open world which naturally includes OpenStreetMap !

The Cleveland Civic Hacking group graciously lets Open Geo Cleveland post our events under their meetup page.

Contact [skorasaurus] for more information.

2014 Events

Check out our meetup pages for updated information.

2013 Events

October 19 - OSM Fall Edit-a-Thon [1]

April 20 - OSM Edit-a-thon - Recap

March 18th - Meetup event page

Jan. 24th 7p - meetup event page OSM Diary Recap

past Before regrouping and merging to become Open Geo Cleveland, there were a couple informal OSM meetings in April and August 2012.