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Community Update From 09 August 2010 to 15 August 2010

Project of The Week

Map Areas Affected by Flooding in Pakistan.

General news

Mailing Lists Talks

Licence change stuffs

You certainly know that OSM is planning to change licence soon (CC-by-sa 2.0 to odbl). A lot of discussions on @talk about this change.

The announcement was made that existing users can now re-licence their contributions into ODBL and also into Public Domain.

Some worried about the consequences on the database of the people who don't agreed with the new licence, some about creating a fork of osm, and some about encouraging this licence change.

It generated a lot of passionate debates but also turning around and "going nowhere" debates.

A little too much for Steve Coast who wrote a mail about "disinfecting OSM from poisonous people" trying to calm down the community and to restore a healthy debate.

Vehicle Tracking

Some users thought about using vehicle tracking systems to "automatically" improve the osm quality in some areas. A free software doing tracking of a vehicle fleet already exists at :


[2 ] GPS Vehicle Tracking

Russians Fires

The new osm-based map about Russians fires was announced on the mailing list.

Want to contribute and speak Russian? go here

Proposed Tags


A proposal about trailblazing was launched on @tagging. The purpose is to tag a if a trail has been marked. It intends to replace the previous Proposed_features/Marked_trail