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Geography Awareness Week 2014 takes place 16 - 22 November 2014.

For comprehensive information about GAW, visit National Geographic's web page here. This year's theme is "The Future of Food", so planning an event that is food-centric is strongly encouraged.

Ideas for Events

  • Host an event for middle-school & high-school students
  • Map food store locations (and by proxy, food deserts)
  • Add your idea here!

Event Locations

City Dates and Times Venue Contact Event link

Hosting an Event

  • The key to good participation will hinge on our ability to contact teachers, trainers, educators, PTA's, etc. well in advance of the event to insure good participation. They will want some advance training on how to use OpenStreetMap and how we can use OpenStreetMap to tie into the Future of Food theme.
  • BothMapRoulette or the Battle Grid to jump start editing, but aren't necessarily tied to the Food theme.
  • Your event can be an outside surveying event or an inside editing event.
  • Design your event friendly to newcomers, make sure there's someone there to explain to first timers the fundamentals of OpenStreetMap and show them the first steps of editing and surveying.
  • Your event location should have fast internet, comfortable seating, and work tables. If you're working at a school, bear in mind that their technologies might be constrained (older equipment, no admin privileges, etc.) and plan for work-arounds.
  • Changes committed to OpenStreetMap should contain the hashtag #GAW in the changeset comment.
  • Link to a post-event survey to gauge interest and ideas for making better events.