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Administrative Boundaries in Surabaya

The city of Surabaya is divided into 31 sub-districts (kecamatan), each containing a varying number of villages (kelurahan) within their boundaries, with a total 160 villages. The import data will be uploaded in village level boundaries.These data is from BNPB (National Disaster Management Agency), metadata date is 2013 and projection system is WGS 84.

During the import we will put changeset tags that indicate the source. Nonetheless, it is useful to keep the source tag for each object as the changeset information is not forcefully got from any OSM extract tool and the BNPB could be disappointed not to be mentioned for this data and the metadata can disappear easily once the information is shared, and the source can be a very useful information for people who will work with these data.

The permission letter still process from BNPB for the data license. The raw GIS data, you can download in here with name surabaya.osm

Import Rules in OSM

The data from the administrative surabaya, considering its high quality, is to be imported into OSM and consequently, needs to follow the guidelines of any to-be-imported dataset.

The dataset has been analyzed, the attributes have been converted into tags, presented and validated to the imports mailing list.

Any import must be done through a specific OSM user account. So the advice is to create a new OSM user account (eg the usual name with _import at the end) from a secondary email address.

 Import Workflow


The import will launch in October 2016.


  • admin_level=7 (Village/Kelurahan) Total: 160 relations
  • admin_level=6 (Sub-Districts/Kecamatan) Total: 31 relations