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Currency accepted or dispensed.
Used on these elements
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Status: Unspecified

Currency accepted or dispensed.

  • currency:XXX=yes The currency "XXX" is accepted/dispensed. "XXX" is replaced by the three letter currency code.
  • currency:XXX=no The currency "XXX" is not accepted/dispensed. "XXX" is replaced by the three letter currency code.
  • currency:others=no Add this tag if all accepted/dispensed currencies have been added to the feature, all other currencies which have not been explicitly tagged are treated as "not accepted".


  • currency:EUR=yes Euros are accepted but it is unclear wheather other currencies are accepted, too
  • currency:USD=no it is unknown which currencies are accepted at all but at least we know it's not US Dollars
  • currency:JPY=yes + currency:others=no only Yen are accepted, all other currencies are rejected

Bad examples

  • currency:eur=yes Avoid this (and similar) notation, according to ISO 4217 the currency code must be in capital letters
  • currency:EUR=no + currency:USD=no + currency:RUR=yes + currency:others=no The currencies EUR and USD can be omitted since currency:others=no implicitly says that all other currencies are rejected


For Bitcoin please use currency:XBT=* instead of currency:BTC=*. In fact "XBT" is ISO 4217 compliant.


This tagging scheme replaces the currency=<XXX> scheme, which is not working properly because an ATM can dispense several currencies.

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