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How to Map

Add the following tags to amenity=fuel to describe which fuels are available at that site.

(The octane rating system used is the RON system)

Add to BBQ amenity=bbq and man_made=kiln to describe the fuels used with the installed infrastructure.

Sub type Tagging Remark
BBQ amenity=bbq
Wood fuel=wood Wood as a heat source
Electric fuel=electric Electric as a heat source
Charcoal fuel=charcoal Charcoal as a heat source
Diesel fuel:diesel=yes
GTL diesel fuel:GTL_diesel=yes High quality partly synthetic diesel 'Gas To Liquid': "ultimate diesel", "V-Power diesel", etc.
HGV diesel fuel:HGV_diesel=yes High output pumps with a bigger nozzle that won't fit a motorcar tank
Bio diesel fuel:biodiesel=yes
Octane levels
Octane 80 fuel:octane_80=yes
Octane 87 fuel:octane_87=yes Called "Magna" at Mexico
Octane 91 fuel:octane_91=yes
Octane 92 fuel:octane_92=yes
Octane 95 fuel:octane_95=yes it:"Benzina Verde"
Octane 98 fuel:octane_98=yes
Octane 100 fuel:octane_100=yes
1:25 fuel:1_25=yes
1:50 fuel:1_50=yes
Ethanol fuel:ethanol=yes =fuel:alcohol=yes
Methanol fuel:methanol=yes
SVO fuel:svo=yes Straight vegetable oil; de:Pflanzenöl/POEL/PÖL
E10 fuel:e10=yes DE: Super Benzin mit 10% Bioethanol
E20 fuel:e20=yes 20% ethanol content gasoline mix. Often referred to as Gasohol E20.
E85 fuel:e85=yes 85% ethanol/15% gasoline for flexi-fuel cars in USA and Europe. Popular in Sweden.
Biogas fuel:biogas=yes "SunGas(r)"
LPG fuel:lpg=yes de:Autogas, fr:GPL, Propane, it:GPL
CNG (compressed natural gas) fuel:cng=yes de:Erdgas, pt-br:GNV, it:Metano
Liquid hydrogen fuel:LH2=yes Liquid H2
Aviation Fuel at aeroway=fuel
91UL (clear) fuel:91UL=yes 91 octane unleaded aviation gas
100LL (purple) fuel:100LL=yes 100 octane leaded aviation gas
autogas fuel:autogas=yes Ethanol free unleaded gas suitable for cars or planes
Jet A-1 fuel:JetA1=yes Jet A-1 fuel for gas-turbine and diesel powered planes
Electricity fuel:electricity=yes Is in use, until Proposed features/Charging station is usable
Standalone amenity=charging_station
Car recharge sign in Reykyavik

For German "RWE Ladesäule": + operator=RWE + voltage=400 + amperage=32.

For Swiss "Stromtankstelle": + operator=ECS (Elektromobil Club der Schweiz) + system=Park & Charge.

AdBlue® / AUS32 fuel:adblue=yes 32.5% aqueous urea solution, widely known as AdBlue®. Used by modern trucks and some motorcars.

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