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+/- source:maxspeed

One example for source:maxspeed


Records the source for a speed limit, either a sign, a context (default limit) or a speedlimit zone



Used on these elements

may be used on nodes may be used on ways may be used on areas should not be used on relations

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The source:maxspeed=* tag records the source of a road's maximum Speed limit as provided in the maxspeed=* tag to assist with Verifiability. This may be a sign giving a numeric maximum speed, or a 'zone' from which the appropriate numeric speed limit can be determined by knowledge of local traffic laws.

Howto tag

See also: Speed limits
  • sign (where the speed limit is defined by a numeric sign.)
  • markings (where the speed limit is defined by painted road markings.)
  • <country_code>:<context> (where the speed limit is defined by a particular context, for example urban/rural/motorway/etc.)


An urban road in Italy would be tagged:

  • maxspeed=50 and source:maxspeed=IT:urban

Where the speed limit is indicated by special speed limits signposted at the border (zone) they can be tagged as follows:

  • maxspeed=30 and source:maxspeed=DE:zone - Proposed by a majority on the mailing list
  • maxspeed=30 and source:maxspeed=DE:zone30 - Most used value
  • maxspeed=30 and source:maxspeed=DE:zone:30 - Second most used value

Commonly used values

source:maxspeed value maxspeed value
DE:rural 100
DE:urban 50
FR:rural 90
FR:urban 50
IT:rural 90
IT:motorway 130
IT:urban 50
RO:motorway 130
RO:rural 90
RO:trunk 100
RO:urban 50
RU:rural 90
RU:urban 60
GB:motorway 70 mph
GB:nsl_dual 70 mph
GB:nsl_single 60 mph
UK:motorway 70 mph
UK:nsl_dual 70 mph
UK:nsl_single 60 mph


A few mappers dispute the established usage of source:maxspeed=* to tag the reason for the maxspeed and use this tag to store how the information was collected (survey, import, etc.). If you want to do this (the recommended way for tagging sources is the changeset-comments and changeset-tags) you could still use maxspeed:source=*