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Here's what summer 2015 looked like. Drinks in the sunshine after the London Hack Weekend Aug 2015

Welcome to the list of OpenStreetMap related events in London for summer 2017.

A series of London pub meet-ups and mini mapping parties over the summer 2017. These events are free and open to all. We normally have a mixture of old OpenStreetMap hands and new people coming along to find out more. The events might include mapping, but mostly we'll just be sitting around in a pub having a friendly chat about little things like mapping the world and releasing it for free! We hope you'll join us! Everyone and anyone is welcome.

Upcoming Events


Future events

We'll use this wiki page to announce events, as well as Twitter@OSMLondon . Announcements may come at short notice!

There’s lots of other events in London e.g. tech meet-up groups, for which OpenStreetMap is relevant. Please use the wiki to pro-actively coordinate the setting up of an “OpenStreetMap presence” at these events… or just go along (Other OSMers may or may not be there)

We’ve got a list of London event venues for future events of a non-pub format. Please add to that if you have ideas or if your organisation would like to host or sponsor an event!

Past events

This series of events follows on from London/Winter 2016-2017 events

So far in this series:

Area Venue listing
What happened?
20th Apr Paddington Monkey Puzzle a Pub meet-up. Photos
3rd May Clerkenwell WeAreFriday offices mu First "OSM Q&A" event photos
5th Jul Clerkenwell WeAreFriday offices mu First "OSM Q&A" event photos