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What is it?

"Look and Listen Map" is an online map and routing service for blind, visually impaired and sighted persons based on OSM data.

  • German: Look and Listen Map Torsten Brand Preis Einreichung.pdf


  • June 2012 - Development on Toolserver is ongoing. Domain http://www.lalm.de is in use.
  • Look and Listen Map won German eLearning prize in category "campus" in Karlsruhe at the Learntec fair.
  • Nominated for D-ELINA 2012 (German eLearning prize) http://www.d-elina.de/ (German)
  • Dec 2011. Development has started. Server and domains are available.
  • Oct 21, 2011: Look and Listen Map wins Torsten Brand Preis for solutions for blind and sighted persons. Guide Me wins 3rd. [1], [2]
  • Dec 2010. The project idea is winner of the WissensWert competition.

Project Status

  • Collection of requirements: Finished, see: Requierements (German) OK
  • Project planning: Plan exists, of course it is a living document that is being worked on. OK
  • Project partners: Universität Paderborn, C-Lab Cancelled, because of too much bureaucracy. OK without!
  • Programming: Has started in 2011.
  • Test version: Not continuously online. Not needed anymore, because server is available now. OK
  • Server for development: Available since January 2012. OK
  • OSM Database accessible: OK
  • Visual map integration: Dummy. OK
  • Domains: Registered in January 2012. OK
  • FAQ page: Done and available on http://www.look-and-listen-map.net
  • OSM data for whole world: Planned.
  • CSS design that fits needs of persons with visual impairments: planned
  • Place name search: basic funktionality implemented. Needs improvement. Work ongoing
  • Requirements for User Interface: detailed specification: Work ongoing
  • Surrounding description in text: Work ongoing.
  • Exploration mode: Work ongoing
  • Routing: Work ongoing
  • Multi-Language-Support: Work ongoing

Cooperations and Sponsors

  • Accessibility Research and Development Unit of Siemens (Siemens AG / CT T DE ACC)
  • University of Paderborn, Germany
  • Wikimedia e.V. Germany, Wissenswert Wettbewerb 2010 http://www.wikimedia.de
  • Torsten Brand Preis 2011 (1. Platz), http://www.nuance.com
  • Deutscher eLearning Innovations- und Nachwuchs-Award 2012 D-ELINA http://www.d-elina.de

Stay informed

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Please, if you want to stay informed, to not ask by mail. Sign our mailing lists. See above.


You can donate to support the project by giving "Look and Listen Map" as a remark when you donate to FOSSGIS e.V..