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Proposed project to import buildings with address attributes and building attributes relating to type (residential, commercial, etc)


Import Dakota County's building polygons that were collected using photogrammetry, after attributing them with address information from the address point database and with additional type information from their property data to enhance the map.

Data Background

Dakota County's building polygon dataset has 163,412 features; sheds, housing, educational, commercial, government and industrial, etc.

Dakota County's address point dataset has 165,999 features.

There are currently 4,403 building polygons digitized in the OSM data (February 4, 2016). More than half (2,454) of those are commercial, industrial, government and educational and initially be left as is. Of the remaining 1,949 features many of them are large features like commercial, industrial, government or educational structures that aren't attributed but these too will be left as is, initially.

The initial focus could be on the importing the large number (147,711) of sheds, garages and housing structures with address information to greatly enhance the map with a minimal need for conflation with existing features.


Currently, this project has just kicked-off and is an proposed/exploratory phase.

Import Data

Data Data source site and licensing - https://www.co.dakota.mn.us/HomeProperty/MappingServices/GISData/Pages/default.aspx

Import Type At this time this is proposed to be a one time import to greatly enhance the OSM database.

Sample Data Can be found on GitHub in the dakota-county-osm-building-import repository http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Minnesota/DakotaCounty/Buildings_Import

Data Preparation

Currently exploring options

Data Merge Workflow

Currently exploring options

Project Team

DCJoeS more to come . . .