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OSM Mapper (http://product.itoworld.com/product/osm/map) is a free to use product that allows areas of OSM data to be monitored and analysed. Produced by ITO World with support from Ideas in Transit.

New York.jpg


  • Monitoring changes to OSM data within a defined area
  • See who is doing edits and where
  • Subscribe using RSS to be kept informed about changes
  • Generate images on the fly for usage of particular tags
  • Generate lists of street names
  • Full planet coverage
  • Updated at about 09:45 UTC daily with the planet file published at midnight the previous day)

Note that:

  • Point features are currently only available in the UK. These will be available soon elsewhere.
  • You will not be warned about deleted features - more soon

If you have suggestions about how to improve OSM Mapper then please add them on the Feature Requests page.

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OSM Mapper - 1 Year of work in the US - 24OCT2008
OSM Mapper - 1 Year of work in the US 11Dec2008

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