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OSMdoc (osmdoc.com) was a tag tracking system for OpenStreetMap, displaying various usage stats. It's inspired by Tagwatch. You may also want to look at Tagstat for another Tagwatch interface with more up to date data, or the new Taginfo service.


For a long time it was showing data from from August 2009 but now osmdoc.com is offline

In February 2010 User:LarsF said a new version of OSMdoc is in the works but the release date was unknown. Some more details of development were appearin on this osmdoc blog. There you can also find contact information if you have any further questions. I also try to reply on the discussion page.


  • The current version is written in Python using Django (djangoproject.com) and PostgreSQL as a backend
  • The source code for the version currently (as of February 2010) online is not available
  • Source code for the new version will be made available

Available sources

The new OSMdoc version is very modular. It is split into multiple projects each doing only a simple thing and I plan to release those projects when they are in a state to be shown to the public.

  • osm-domain: A project that introduces an Avro schema for all the OSM elements. This is the basic model and data transfer schema the backend tools for OSM use. Avro provides a very fast and very compact way to serialize this data (Apache License, Version 2.0)
  • osm-utils: A project that provides a few utility methods that are useful for dealing with OpenStreetMap data (coordinates and timestamps)
  • osm-reader: A project to parse .osm XML files. This project uses the openstreetmap-domain classes and sends the results to a RabbitMQ queue
  • osm-hbase-utils: A project providing utility classes for OSM and OSMdoc related HBase database access