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osm-watch was an OSM contributions almost real-time monitoring tool with filters based alerts that you can created and receive by RSS or email.


It is already usable and keeps improving. Zorglub is developing it.


Here you can find the web interface to set your filters and rules


here is a maybe more up to date explanation of what it is


  • Watch a bounding-box, get notified for changes that are truly within the bbox, not overlap
  • Watch an admin relation, get notified within
  • Watch a tag (within a bbox ?), get notified when
    • NWR with the tag is modified
    • Tag is added on a NWR
    • Tag is removed from a NWR
    • NWR with the tag is deleted
  • Watch an OSM user, get notified whenever he/she makes a commit

Notifications Options:

    • Get notified only if first matching edit by a given contributor
    • Real-time / Scheduled
    • Generated RSS feed

source code

GPL licence source code on GitHub