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v0.11 - Download Osminog.zip

Mirror download:


OSM to .MP (Polish format) converter by User:Asdert.

Buggy, slow and not for everyday use.

Routing is not supported, types are configured in configuration file.


v0.11 - 21.05.2008

  • new log window
  • error messages added
  • option for showing additional information in commentaries

v0.09 - 18.05.2008

  • added header reading from header.cfg

v0.07 - 18.05.2008

  • some bugs fixed

v0.06 - 17.05.2008

  • Cyrillic encoding support. Work with other encodings is not guaranteed.

v0.05 - 17.05.2008

  • speed optimizations
  • memory consumption decreased

v0.04 - 16.05.2008

  • performance boost