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service:bicycle namespace
Status: Approved (active)
Proposed by: FedericoCozzi
Tagging: service:bicycle:*=yes/no
Applies to: Node, Area
Definition: Detailed description of the features of a bicycle shop
Rendered as: Cycle maps only?
Draft start: 2011-03-29
RFC start: 2011-04-17
Vote start: 2011-05-02
Vote end: 2011-05-16


I propose to introduce the new namespace service:bicycle in order to map detailed features of a bicycle shop (shop=bicycle). For instance service:bicycle:repair=yes would mean that the shop can repair bikes, while service:bicycle:retail=no means that it doesn't sell bikes (it could be a repair-only shop). These tags could be applied to other POIs as well: a hotel which rents bikes could be tagged with service:bicycle:rental=yes


Currently bike shops are mapped as shop=bicycle which means "A store where you can buy and/or repair your bike and buy accessories". This does not convey enough information from a cyclist's perspective.


I propose to introduce the namespace service:bicycle together with the following keys. Should a new key be needed, it should be added to the table with a clear and concise description. Ideally, all key should support only yes/no values.

key possible values description
service:bicycle:retail yes/no bicycles are sold
service:bicycle:repair yes/no bicycles are repaired (for a fee)
service:bicycle:rental yes/no bicycles are rented.
Not to be confused with amenity=bicycle_rental which is reserved for "bicycle rental service based on parking stations" and "does not concern bicycle rental shops"
service:bicycle:pump yes/no there is a free bicycle pump which can be used by anybody (it is not restricted to customers)
service:bicycle:diy yes/no there are tools for do-it-yourself bike repair / building (e.g. a bike co-operative). In some cases tools are freely available, in other cases a fee must be paid.
service:bicycle:cleaning yes/no bicycles are washed (for a fee)
service:bicycle:second_hand yes/no second-hand bicycles are sold

If a bicycle shop is not tagged with a key from the above list, it means that its status is unknown: for instance, if a bicycle shop does not have a service:bicycle:repair tag, nothing can be assumed about its repair service.

Applies to

These keys naturally apply to bicycle shops (which are mapped as shop=bicycle) but can apply to other objects as well:

  • A hotel could rent bikes
  • A supermarket could sell bikes
  • A guest house could offer tools for diy
  • etc.


A bicycle shop which sells bikes but doesn't repair them:


A bicycle shop which doesn't sell bikes, but repairs them and offers a free pump:


A hotel which rents bikes:


More keys

Proposed features/More service:bicycle keys contains a proposal for more keys (which are not covered by this proposal).

Alternative namespace

As discussed market: or shop: have been replaced with service:. This gives a clearer picture of what is actually available.


Please use the talk page


Voting is open until 2011-05-16. Please vote with {{vote|yes}} or {{vote|no}} and sign with ~~~~

  • I approve this proposal. --FedericoCozzi 22:39, 2 May 2011 (BST)
  • I oppose this proposal. This tag is useless without the specialisation tags. WTF did you remove them --Extremecarver 23:51, 2 May 2011 (BST) I think a separate proposal is better: Proposed features/More service:bicycle keys --FedericoCozzi 22:35, 3 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. although I'm agree with Extremecarver. If the only problem is about yes/no values, the tag scheme could be service:bicycle:retail:bicycle_type=* or service:bicycle:rental:bicycle_type=* (and for rent and sell, just add the two tags). --Dri60 09:30, 3 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. I agree with Extremecarver that the specialization tags would also be nice, but I don't think the proposed tags are useless without them. I encourage Extremecarver to copy his suggested tags into a new proposal. --Dieterdreist 10:37, 3 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. Agree with Dieterdreist - it is Ok to start with a proposal that is simple and slim, as long as the scheme is open for extensions.--Bk 10:45, 3 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. --Burnus 11:28, 3 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. --Ueliw0 12:16, 3 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. --Polyglot 13:18, 3 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. Seems useful, there is a lot of : in the tags though. Johan Jönsson 17:13, 3 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. --Flaimo 20:11, 3 May 2011 (BST) maybe the second ":" could be replaced with a different kind of separator. suggestion: "#".
  • I approve this proposal. -- Al3xius 18:31, 4 May 2011 (BST) But I hope an appropriate preset will be developed and included in JOSM asap.
  • I approve this proposal. --Silviopen 15:38, 7 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. --SteveVG 13:08, 9 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. --DarkFlash 17:15, 9 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. A similar scheme is already in use in some cyclist's club in Italy as a way to classify bike-friendly shops. --Emmexx 08:05, 10 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. Kevin Steinhardt 20:12, 10 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. EsbenDamgaard 15:46, 12 May 2011 (BST)
  • I oppose this proposal. as it stands - the namespace is wrong (in my opinion) - see comments on talk page --Spark 20:15, 13 May 2011 (BST)
  • I approve this proposal. --Glen 04:05, 16 May 2011 (BST)
  • I oppose this proposal. There enough informations already given for cyclist's with existing tags.--R-michael 17:56, 16 May 2011 (BST)
  • I oppose this proposal. Ugly, and wrong namespace. Let's use just bicycle:<whatever> on its own. --achadwick 11:07, 9 June 2011 (BST)