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Public-images-osm logo.svg shop = bicycle
A store where you can buy and/or repair your bike and buy accessories.
Used on these elements
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Useful combination
Status: Approved

A store where you can buy and/or repair your bike and buy accessories.

How to map

Set a node Node or draw as an area Area along the building outline. Tag it with shop=bicycle and name=*.

Tags used in combination

Additional keys

These keys describe bicycle-related services. Their use is not restricted to bicycle shops and they can be applied to any point of interest.

key possible values description
service:bicycle:retail yes/no bicycles are sold
service:bicycle:repair yes/no bicycles are repaired (for a fee)
service:bicycle:rental yes/no bicycles are rented.
Not to be confused with amenity=bicycle_rental which is reserved for "bicycle rental service based on parking stations" and "does not concern bicycle rental shops"
service:bicycle:pump yes/no there is a free bicycle pump which can be used by anybody (it is not restricted to customers)
service:bicycle:diy yes/no there are tools for do-it-yourself bike repair / building (e.g. a bike co-operative). In some cases tools are freely available, in other cases a fee must be paid.
service:bicycle:cleaning yes/no bicycles are washed (for a fee)
service:bicycle:second_hand yes/no second-hand bicycles are sold (better to use second_hand=* like in other shops)
service:bicycle:charging yes/no/fee/free You can charge pedelecs (bicycle assisted by a small electric motor)

If a bicycle shop is not tagged with a key from the above list, it means that its status is unknown: for instance, if a bicycle shop does not have a service:bicycle:repair tag, nothing can be assumed about its repair service.

UK Bike shop locator tool

UK Bike shop locator is a tool to help find bike shops missing from OSM, based on a list from the Association of Cycle Traders. If a bike shop is mapped in OSM, it can be marked as such. If not mapped, it should be surveyed and added to the map as usual. More details: Bike shop data in OpenStreetMap: your help needed.


Other cycling tags

Similar shop tags

  • shop=outdoor - shop selling equipment for hiking, mountaineering, camping. A large outdoors shop might sell mountain bikes in a department within.
  • shop=sports - shop selling sports equipment
  • shop=hardware - shop selling tools (Can be useful for fixing a bike)