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Grit bin.jpg
A container that hold grit or a mixture from salt and grit
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may be used on nodes
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Status: Approved Page for proposal

Grit bins are located in countries where snowfall occurs - they are mainly in hilly areas. They hold grit or a mixture of salt and grit for people to spread on nearby roads. The grit helps improve winter road safety.

How to Map

Just place a node at right place. Tag it as amenity=grit_bin.

In some countries and/or towns the access to the content of the grit bin may be restricted. So an additional access=* may be necessary. The access my be one of:

  • access=public everyone is free to use the grit / salt
  • access=permissive only a selected group is free to use; i.e. residents, local authorities
  • access=private the bin is owned by i.e. a company or a school


This tag is shown on the following maps: ???


In the UK, grit bins are typically brightly coloured; yellow is common but red and orange bins exist.

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