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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = boat_sharing
A Boat To Share.jpg
Indicates the location of a boat to share.
Group: Amenities
Used on these elements
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Status: ApprovedPage for proposal


A shared boat from Sailcom on Lake Zürich


What we want to tag and why

There is a growing community of boat sharing in Switzerland (and probably also elsewhere), there are two nation wide operators with a total of more than 100 sailboats in about 50 marinas. If you're member with either of the operators, you can use all boats. This is different from amenity=boat_rental, since there are (currently) no nation-wide rental services, you do not have to be a member for rental, and the boats do not "belong" to you. On the other hand, being member of a boat sharing operator, you "own" your boats. But I agree, there are some similarities between boat sharing and boat renting.

The idea is to show where the boat you rent is exactly located, and help to reserve also the nearest boat to you.

Additional tags

Key Value Comment
optional capacity=* integer The number of boats present. Should be used if several boats are side by side an not everyone is individually tagged.
mandatory operator=* string The boat sharing operator
optional website=* string operators website, if possible direct link to the boat description
optional name=* string the name of the boat (if there is only 1 boat)
optional boattype=* string the type of boat, e.g. manufacturer, series number etc.
optional ref=* integer The operator ref for the boat
optional number_plate=* string the official boat immatriculation number which is on the number plate - in the picture above, this will be "ZH 9733"

More standard tags which might be applicable are: image=* and description=*

Suggested Rendering

In analogy to car_sharing, boat_sharing could be rendered as follows:

Suggest rendering for boat_sharing

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Please discuss this proposal, using the talk page for the proposal.

Boat sharing operators

  • In Britain, this seems to be called "Membership Boating or Boat Share", tough it seems to be a bit different concept?. List of British operators